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Having fully retired a few years ago I finally got around to unearthing my sketchbooks and art materials after a 40+ year hiatus. Taking the plunge by going to a local art class helped me to pick up the traces from A Level Art way back in the Dark Ages. As someone whose working life was very much word-based I really enjoy exercising my visual creativity - even if my skills don't always match my ambition!

My main interest is in interpreting our environment and emotions through abstract or semi-abstract painting, although I'm happy to try any technique if it gets me the result I'm seeking. For me, art is as much about learning as it is about producing a satisfying piece of work. I keep virtually everything I produce whether I like the outcome or not and as a result I have a growing portfolio of scrappy ideas, half finished pieces and false starts! If ever I begin to feel frustrated as I struggle to produce something I find personally satisfying I console myself with the thought that it's the journey which is important, not the destination.

Bryan Walker

Bryan Walker

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